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Kristian Hauan

Kristian is a film production graduate from University for the Creative Arts (UCA) located in Farnham, England with a first class. During his time at UCA he has specialised in sound for film, and have worked on many projects as sound recordist, sound designer and/or foley artist. Working with a broad range of genres, like animation, fantasy, historical, horror, drama and more, he have aquired skills to make near everything sound good.

He also operates cameras and manages Mediapro

Shoib Ahmad

Shoib has a bachelor degree in photography from University of the Creative Arts (UCA) located in Farnham, England. His work is mostly concept-based and has an editorial feel to it, working with femininity, body and identity. He specializes in portraiture and studio photography, using both analogue and digital, his work tend to have a contemporary feel to it.

Mihai Blaj

Mihai has recieved a first class bachelor degree in Film Production at University for the Creative Arts (UCA) located in Farnham, Great Britain. During his time at UCA, he specialized in Scriptwriting and worked as a director on various projects. Exploring a wide range of genres, he gets inspired from the work he is doing and constantly brings improvements to further projects.

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